Reviving family heirloom jewels


We've often shared our excitement over getting to rework sentimental family heirloom jewels into beautiful new creations that still carry the special story of a family's unique characters and relationships. Creating little treasures that evoke personal memories, yet resonate more deeply with their current wearer in their new state. After all, jewellery is made to be worn, not to be hidden away waiting for a moment of nostalgia to let it out from its hiding place for a fleeting inspection.

We recently worked on a re-setting commission that combined jewels rescued from unworn family treasures spanning three generations: our client, her mother, and her grandmother. We used these jewels to create a unique and sentimental symbol that suits our client's tastes and will forever remind her of those important women in her life whose gems she now wears on her finger.

You can read more about recycling your heirloom jewels, with particular reference to this ring, in this Telegraph Luxury article

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