The hidden worlds of gemstones


We recently discovered the fascinating images from photographer Dan Tobin Smith that document the tiny and highly detailed miniature worlds found within natural gemstones. 

We're so accustomed to appreciating the external beauty and sparkle of gemstones, but seldom do we get the opportunity to explore their internal structure in a format that allows us to clearly see the unique inclusions that the majority of gemstones hold within. "It’s the imperfections that make these gems so unique" says Tobin Smith. Inclusions refer to the tiny deposits of various other minerals and elements that, millions of years ago, became buried inside the gemstone as it formed: shards of crystal, bubbles of unknown liquid or gas, tiny fractures caused by radioactive material. Dan Tobin Smith brings these unique details under the spotlight for us to discover in macro scale like beautiful abstract artworks.

"I feel like I’m scratching the surface" Tobin Smith says. "The inclusions are so varied. It’s bewildering. You’re given a tiny glimpse into how the world was formed that we could never otherwise comprehend. It’s a constant discovery of these tiny, unknown worlds."

We're very excited to go and visit Dan Tobin Smith and creative studio The Experience Machine, in partnership with Gemfields, multi-sensory spatial installation 'VOID' during this year's London Design Festival from 14-22 September.

Find out more on Gemfields' website

Interview courtesy of Wallpaper Magazine / Images courtesy of Dan Tobin Smith

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