Our Diamonds

Each and every one of our handmade jewels is a unique creation: the gemstones we source, the tiny details we add to the designs, and the care and attention we give to each piece during the making process. When it comes to our diamonds in particular, we pride ourselves in sourcing the most unique stones we can find.

By questioning the ideals of industry deemed perfection and flawless beauty, we choose to embrace the natural allure and unique character that a diamond can hold. We invite you to explore our selection of ‘alternative diamonds’ and find one that carries a personal resonance and is uniquely meaningful to you.

All of our diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process, an international certification process that aims to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds while helping to protect legitimate trade in rough diamonds. Antique diamonds are recycled and they have zero environmental impact. The diamonds we use fall into at least one of the following categories:

Antique Diamonds

We use antique (or ‘old cut’) diamonds wherever we can. Not only because we love the history that these stones carry, but because we adore their gentle sparkle and unique character.

Our antique diamonds are ‘rescued’ from historical jewels by our suppliers who are based in Italy and London. There is no way of knowing their exact provenance, but identifiable markers in their shape and facets point to the timeframe in which they were cut. They pre-date the commercial certification categories of the 4C’s, and were rather valued for their unique beauty.

Before the mass production of stones cut to precise specifications, diamonds were all cut individually by hand, making each one completely unique. Cut to show-off their beauty under candlelight, they emit a delicate and understated sparkle. Our diamonds date back to the Georgian and Victorian eras; each carrying a unique history, while showcasing the diamond cutter’s skill and craftsmanship. They are the perfect choice for those who appreciate craft and heritage.

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Raw Diamonds

A raw, or rough, diamond is the precious mineral in its most natural state - uncut, in its pure form as created by the environmental forces of nature. By leaving the stone uncut, we are leaving it as a true expression of itself. These pure, untouched treasures of nature are our first source of inspiration and inspired Ruth's first expressions in fine jewellery when she started developing the Lustre Collection at the beginning of her career.

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Coloured Diamonds

A diamonds natural hue can range from colourless (or white), through to beautiful tones of yellow, grey, brown (or champagne), and even blue, green and pink. We favour a palette of tones on the spectrum of yellow through to brown, and pale to deep grey. The colour is a result of trace elements present during the formation of the stones, completely natural and, for us, a celebration of the wonder of nature. Many of our coloured diamonds are antique cuts or used in their raw state, but we also use some modern cuts that we’ve selected for their individual charm or beauty.

All of our modern diamonds are ethically mined and adhere to the Kimberley Process. Our champagne diamonds come from Australia and our grey diamonds from India.

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Flecked Diamonds

We source a number of unique included diamonds for our designs that Ruth selects for their singular character and beauty. Alluring internal arrangements of tiny mineral elements turn the stones into tiny works of art – natural expressions of light and dark. The colouration of these diamonds varies from almost black to icy white, with speckles and flecks producing their mottled effect. They’re a perfect choice for those seeking a jewel with truly individual characteristics.

All of our flecked diamonds are ethically mined and adhere to the Kimberley Process.

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RT Hand Cut Diamonds

We work with one of the last factories in Europe still to cut diamonds entirely by hand: a family run business in the heart of Antwerp. Several years ago, Ruth dreamed up a design for a ring with a very unique diamond: she wanted to retain the integrity of the stones natural form, combined with the skilful artistry of the dying craft of cutting diamonds by hand. She worked with the team in Antwerp to create a unique cut that imparts the natural shape of the diamond in its raw state, while adding facets that compliment it and add sparkle.

Each RT Hand Cut Diamond is unique and we use them in one-of-a-kind designs that showcase their individual beauty. They are individually cut from our selection of raw diamonds.

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