Scottish Agate DiscoveRings

DiscoveRing's is an otherworldly, sculptural collection of rings spotlighting unique Agates from Scotland. The Scottish Agate collection marks the first instalment in a personal and experimental project Ruth is embarking on to showcase gemstones from the British Isles. Discover more about the collection on our journal.

“my DiscoveRings collection embodies the spontaneity and joy of finding beautiful objects beneath our feet and in unexpected places. Nowadays we are often so busy and we don’t take enough time to truly appreciate and investigate our surroundings. To stop and look, take that moment for ourselves. So the collection is a nod to slowing down and connecting with nature and all its detail that lies all around us, waiting to be found by inquisitive souls with a sense of discovery.”

DiscoveRing 08 £2,680.00

DiscoveRing 06 £2,950.00

DiscoveRing 03 £3,550.00

DiscoveRing 09 £3,800.00

DiscoveRing 01 £4,350.00

DiscoveRing 05 £5,400.00

DiscoveRing 02 £4,900.00

DiscoveRing 04 £5,400.00

DiscoveRing 10 £4,400.00

DiscoveRing 07 £4,200.00

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