Reimagining past treasures


We love to reimagine sentimental pieces and create modern heirlooms. To us, this process is personal and special; clients can cherish memories and meanings whilst also creating something new, that can be worn and loved in its own right.

We enjoy working with jewels that have a history of their own and it’s a real privilege to meet new clients who share such personal stories with us. It's a constant reminder that jewellery has the power to conjure feelings of nostalgia, sentiment and a way for us to reminisce.

A bespoke engagement ring with heirloom diamonds

Our client wanted to use a beautiful antique diamond passed down by his family in a bespoke engagement ring. He was keen for the ring to include specific colours as symbols that carried personal meaning to the couple, and worked with Ruth on a unique design imbued with details of personal significance.

Honouring history with a brand new creation

This piece was created from a mixture of heirloom jewels that our client wanted to move on from, reimagining them into something to celebrate where she is in her life right now. She wanted to completely remodel them, so she could enjoy wearing them but also honour their history.

Family diamonds in a contemporary design

This client inherited diamonds from her mother-in-law (that were also passed down from her mother and grandmother). She loved our granule chain designs and had been waiting for years to discover the perfect designer to create a new piece using her stones. She instantly fell in love!


Giving a spectacular keepsake a new and meaningful home

This client contacted us from the US with a vision of how she wanted her ring to look, using a rather beautiful padparadscha sapphire with personal meaning. The sapphire arrived at our atelier carefully boxed up and bound in layers of muslin, as if it had travelled through time! We gave the precious stone a new home, surrounded by an asymmetric halo of antique cut diamonds and our signature golden granules.

If you are holding on to sentimental jewellery, handed down to you through generations or passed on to you by a loved one - but you find that you don't wear it, then resetting could be the option for you. You can find more of our resetting commissions here

To discuss a commission of your own, please contact 

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