Our Alternative Diamonds: Raw Diamonds


A raw, or rough, diamond is the precious mineral in its most natural state - uncut, in its pure form as created by the environmental forces of nature. Although we favour the alternative beauty of these unique stones for use in our jewellery, for the most part they are actually used in industry.

The hardest substance known to mankind, diamonds are also heat conductors and resistant to chemicals. These benefits make them ideal for industrial purposes: cutting - inserted into cutting blades they improve the capability of machines that cut through concrete and hard metals; drilling - added to tips of drill bits, diamonds are used for gas, oil and mineral exploration; grinding and polishing - especially popular in the production of optical lenses.

When it comes to using diamonds in fine jewellery, by not cutting or faceting a raw diamond, we are not losing or removing any of the stone, therefore not creating any waste from this precious natural treasure, and leaving it as a true expression of itself. We select our raw diamonds for their unique character, something that goes beyond the 4C's of commercial diamond grading. Up until the 1500s, when gem cutting technologies started developing to cut this hardest of minerals, raw diamonds were used throughout history in creating jewels and adornments and we celebrate this connection with historical treasures.

Raw diamonds remind us of a time lost to history, when diamonds were compared to fallen stars, and revered for bringing luck and protection to those who carried them. These pure, untouched treasures of nature are our first source of inspiration and inspired Ruth's first expressions in fine jewellery when she started developing the Lustre Collection at the beginning of her career.

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