Introducing the Paragons Collection


Paragons is an exquisite edit revisiting Ruth’s celebrated Hoard collection whereby opulent diamonds sparkle amongst rich layers of 18ct yellow gold in the asymmetrical silhouette which has become synonymous her jewellery.

Blending geometric silhouettes with European antique stones and new cuts with signature Ruth Tomlinson designs, Paragons is a powerful merge of the old and new worlds within the brand.

These truly unique rings house brilliant white solitaire diamonds in a mixture of round, cushion oval, pear and emerald cuts enhanced by granules of yellow gold on a gently textured half round band paired with petite diamonds. They are paragons of a white diamond engagement ring.

The five-piece collection embodies Ruth's unique take on timeless yet alternative engagement rings. They are both a powerful celebration of modern design and an evocation of the grandeur of times past.

While a traditional stone for engagement, diamonds in their brilliant white form are not a typical choice for Ruth’s designs, which meant working with these powerful examples was an honour. 

“I love the history that these antique stones carry, as I adore their sparkle and unique character. The antique cuts date back to the Georgian and Victorian eras, each carrying a unique history, while the modern facets retain the integrity of the stone’s natural form, combined with the skilful artistry of the dying craft of cutting diamonds by hand. They are the perfect choice for those who appreciate craft and heritage.” Ruth Tomlinson

View the full Paragons Collection.

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