Celebrating International Women's Day



This year, we're celebrating International Women's Day and a world where difference is valued and celebrated. As a women strong team, we wanted to use this day to mark our achievements in creating the brand we are today. 

We are so proud of what we have created and grown together - making beautiful, unique and interesting jewels for women all over the world, spreading a little joy every day.

We would each like to share our favourite designs and the unique reasons why we are drawn to each piece. We all LOVE a bit of jewellery….

Olivia, Client Relations Manager: Raw Diamond Ring

"For me, this ring is a reminder to slow down, be in the present, and appreciate the natural cycles of life. To celebrate an element in its original state and try not to overwork or perfect something. It symbolises for me the fluidity present in human nature and that we are ever-evolving – in the same way that this diamond would have taken on many forms before becoming as beautiful as it is now."



Sarah, Production Manager: Large Champagne Diamond Encrusted Hoops

"I love gold hoops - especially these ones with the champagne and white diamonds scattered all around. They are a lovely proportion and the granule and diamond details make them a classic piece with a twist."

Jo, Studio Sales Assistant: Concertina Beaded Band

"I have chosen this band as my favourite piece as it’s the first Ruth Tomlinson jewellery I have been lucky enough to own. Rings have always been important to me and all the pieces I wear have significance, whether it’s a ring that belonged to my Nana, a gift for my 40th birthday, a gem found on holiday or a piece I have made for myself. The Concertina Beaded Band will always remind me of a particular time in my life."




Ciara, Assistant Production Manager: Encrusted Tourmaline and Aquamarine Bar Necklace

"The Encrustations collection has always been my favourite, because of the wonderful connotations of under the sea growth and natural forms. I just love the mixture of colours in this piece, they're all so subtle but seem to cover the whole spectrum and evoke thoughts of a beautiful coral reef." 

Jennifer, Fine Jewellery Bench Worker & Workshop Assistant: Oval Section Wedding Band

"I really like the soft fingerprint impression that sweeps round the inside and outside of this band, It reminds me how sentimental jewellery can be to people, carrying your loved ones fingerprints in gold on your finger forever."



 Emma, Client Services: Contrast Cut Ring with Raw Diamond (coming soon)

"I just can't get enough of the Lustre collection and this ring. The raw diamond just looks so at home in the warm, soft finish of the gold like a rock nestled into the sand on a beach; there's something really tactile in the way they are set. When I first started working with jewels, diamonds quickly became a firm favourite and I became obsessed with diamonds in their raw form. To me this ring feels like a journey, from raw diamond with its waxy surface to rose cut diamonds with their glittering triangular facets to the charming soft glow of the antique cut grey diamond. I like to pair it with our Double Rope Band and the Asymmetric Diamond Encrusted Band."

Abbey, Wholesale Coordinator: Beaded Eternity Band with Diamonds & Thin Matt Band

"I have chosen these rings as they're both contemporary takes on classic designs. I like the intentionally uneven forms and small imperfections which aren't noticeable at first glance, paired with the soft matte finish and with white diamonds - it's a combination that feels timeless yet alternative. There are no rules when it comes to building a ring stack, the combinations are endless and you can play around to create something truly unique, it’s one of my favourite things about Ruth’s rings and bands."



Saffiah, Studio Coordination ManagerAquamarine Drops with Grey Diamonds and Barnacles

"I am drawn to these earrings as I like the mix of gold barnacles, coral like texture and raw diamonds in the stud then paired with the polished, bright pear shaped aqua blue drop. I love snorkelling on holiday and these earrings remind me of something pretty I'd see underwater, glinting in the seabed amongst the corals and rocks."

Laura, Fine Jewellery Bench Worker: Mixed Diamond Eternity Band
I selected this band because I love to see new takes on classic designs.
It’s very interesting to think that the eternity bands were a symbolic piece since the ancient Egyptian era, and I love how this version looks so organic and probably closer to the first ones ever made. The champagne and grey diamonds give a subtle sparkle and work beautifully with the gold. 



Ruth, Creative Director: Asymmetric Rose Cut Champagne Diamond Ring

"My favourite ring and the one I wear everyday. I love it as I selected the main champagne diamonds with a view to getting them hand-cut locally. There are only a handful of diamond cutters left in UK and it's so important to keep the craft and skills going here. This is also paired with antique champagne diamonds (also handcut) from a bygone era, adding to the story and history if this piece. Visually I love the muted tones of the champagne and 14ct gold. It goes with everything and it's so easy to wear on my makers hands! I stack this with some of our textured bands…."

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