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Our Alternative Diamonds: Rose Cut & Antique Cut Diamonds


The world of cut diamond options is vast. From the countless styles of modern cuts that show off the stone’s brilliance and fire through technically precise cutting technology, to the revival of rose cut stones that twinkle and sparkle through a crown of triangular facets. We personally love the modern rose cut stone, but we cannot resist the allure of an 'antique cut' or ‘old cut’ stone either.

Rose Cut:

Rose Cut Diamonds are aptly named, as their shape resembles the shape of a rose bud. This makes them a very pretty and delicate diamond for jewellery.

This cut of diamond lost popularity a little when Brilliant Cut diamonds with more facets (and therefore more sparkle) were introduced. However, we still prefer them due to their ethereal lustre, luminosity and uniqueness.

Due to their formation, they often look larger than Brilliant Cut, and come in a wider variety of shapes. They are also a lovely cut for showcasing coloured diamonds, which makes them a perfect choice for anyone seeking a more alternative diamond.

Antique Cut:

There’s been an increased interest in old cut stones recently, such as the ‘Old Mine cut’ and the ‘Old European cut’ (you can find out specifics on both of those here). Not only are these stones friendly to the earth (no destructive mining!), they are also ethical (no exploitation of miners!) and they are becoming increasingly rare both due to increased demand, and to cutters and lapidaries re-cutting these old cuts into more modern options (thus loosing a considerable amount of the carat mass).

Old cut diamonds are also becoming more and more popular because of their more delicate and understated sparkle compared to the big, bright brilliance of modern cuts. Fashions are always changing, and the ‘blingy’ look is less popular these days, making way for a resurgence in interest in the ‘old cuts’. Added to this, they each carry a unique history - the perfect choice for those who appreciate craft and heritage.

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