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In keeping with Ruth’s design ethos of seeking beauty in imperfection and her fascination with historical jewels and references, it comes as no surprise that her favourite cuts of diamond are antique cuts: the Miner’s Cut and the Old European Cut. Thanks to our expert suppliers, we’re able to source and use these special, unique stones in the collections (especially for engagement rings).

Before the technological developments that have resulted in laser-cutting tools, producing mass quantities of stones cut to precise specifications, diamonds were all cut individually by hand! And although the contemporary demand for perfectly cut stones means many of these antique diamonds get re-cut into more precise shapes, a market for the unique originals still exists. 

All diamonds remained hand-cut until the early 1900s. Due to the hand craftsmanship, each antique cut diamond is completely unique! Craftsmen cut antique diamonds to maximise the stone’s carat weight, whereas modern diamonds are cut to maximise the gem’s fire. So if you’re after a big, beautiful and unique stone, then perhaps these cuts are worth considering.


The Miner’s Cut - 1700s 

The original name for this cut is the Old Mine Cut, referring to the old diamond mines in India where the stones came from in those days, rather than from the newer South African mines which dominate the diamond industry today. It’s the earliest form of the modern brilliant cut diamond and the precursor to the cushion cut with its rounded girdle shape (basically a square or rectangle with gently rounded corners).


The Old European Cut - 1800s

The forerunner of today’s round brilliant cut, the Old European cut has a circular girdle and an overall round shape, though some may be slight ovals due to the imprecise cutting methods used at the time.  Because the geometry of an Old European cut creates a bulky diamond, these cuts generally have a much higher carat weight than modern stones that may look similarly sized, making them very distinctive and desirable.

If you’re interested in a unique antique cut diamond engagement ring, have a look at our collection online or contact us to see what we have to offer: info@ruthtomlinson.com

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