Kauai Shell Offerings


Last year Ruth had the incredible opportunity to spend some time on an artist residency hosted by our stockist Monkey Palm Mercantile, on the island of Kauai. 

Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the island, the opportunity renewed Ruth's connection with nature and provided countless sources of inspiration. Often with the beach to herself, she discovered an intriguing coral structure that looked like a shrine and felt moved to create her own miniature sculptures using materials found along the shore as a way of reconnecting with and paying her respects to the wonders of the ocean. 

After some hazy mornings foraging for materials along the shoreline, the beach became her studio and she set about creating these tiny enchanting objects. Ruth curated them into an exhibition on the beach, thoughtfully finding the right location for each object so it looked at home in its environment but could easily be spotted by the keen eyed wanderer. The objects were left in situ with the intention that nature would reclaim them, the ocean intervened and a few were returned back to the gentle waves. 

"It was my offering, a thanks for that very moment, this life and beyond... or on a deeper level connecting to our surroundings, the spirit of nature and man. Maybe some likeminded and unassuming beach comber will stumble upon them like I did with the coral shrine and feel moved. The exhibition was held at sunrise, sharing it with new friends it was a wonderful, tiny magical moment in time" - RT 

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