Unexpected Beauty in a Volcanic Crater


Ruth sought to absorb inspiration from every aspect of her artists residency in Hawaii, which wasn’t difficult given the stunning natural beauty of the landscape she was surrounded by. 

After much time spent exploring the ‘Garden Isle’ of Kauai, with its emerald green valleys, tropical rainforests, cascading blue waterfalls and a stunning coastline, Ruth headed across to the main island Hawai'i where she experienced one of her most humbling adventures which took her to the solidified lava lake on the floor of Kīlauea Iki crater. Kīlauea Iki Crater is a collapsed volcano vent that sits adjacent to the main summit of the active volcano, Kilauea.

"Walking across the dormant crater bed was an incredibly humbling experience. Feeling connected to the raw power of the earth, being in that very moment, but also acknowledging how dramatically and unexpectedly things can change. A strong reminder that the world is ever-evolving, growing, and ALIVE.

Also to see new plants growing throughout the cracks in the lava was a reminder of lifecycles; what had once been destroyed can evolve and be taken over by nature again... one day a tropical forest will cover that area. Those plants were a symbol of hope in some way… true beauty growing from what was once a 'natural disaster'.

The contrast of the area was highlighted in the lava, and there was one plant in particular that was just incredible. All of the colours and textures that it displayed through its seeds and flowers was like a snapshot of the four seasons in one moment - it was a true thing of survival and beauty. That plant has stayed with me to feed my inspiration alongside the experience as a whole"

My daughter spotted a shiny green stone imbedded in the lava rock. It turned out to be a peridot (a semi precious stone right from the depths of the earth) - amazing! We saw lots of tiny specs of it when we looked really really carefully..."

Ruth Tomlinson

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