Our Guide to Alternative Engagement Rings


Asymmetric Rings - Ruth’s fascination with the natural world influences her asymmetric designs and results in pieces that have seemingly been unearthed or excavated from deep beneath the earth’s surface, or the depths of the ocean.

Vintage Inspired Rings - For those with a sentiment for jewels that hark back to bygone eras, many of our rings are imbued with an ethereal sense of times past. Achieved through Ruth’s love of historical jewellery that influences her design ethos, ancient techniques of jewellery making employed in manufacturing the rings, as well as cuts of stones used, combined the result is otherworldly and enchanting.

Five Stone Rings - Tradition states that the five stones represent five stages of your relationship, but ultimately an engagement ring will gather its own story and meaning that is personal to the union that it represents. Most of our five stone rings are made with antique cut diamonds that have been recycled from other items of jewellery over time, imbuing them with their own histories too. Read more about the antique cuts that we use here.

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