Goldsmiths 2011 - week two


Some more of my favorites from Goldsmiths this year.

Jo Hayes-Ward constructs jewellery from small elemental units to create sculptural pieces with an architectural aesthetic.  The textured surfaces and small block elements give a feel of natural geological formations, making them striking yet easy to wear.

I love the work of Frances Wadsworth-Jones who creates jewellery that is rarely what it seems from first glance.  Her ‘workers’ collection could be described as narrative pieces that play on insects behaviour and as with nature a wonder to examine and explore.

Maya Selway’s ‘Kishu’ pieces have a surreal quality, using ethically sourced precious metals she frames empty space suggesting a solid form many of which are influenced by traditional Japanese ceramics and lacquerware.

Catherine Martin’s jewellery of hand braided gold and platinum wire demonstrates her knowledge of using traditional textile techniques learnt in Japan (as I’m sure you may realise I seem to be drawn and inspired by all things Japanese influenced post my visit!)


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