More Dazzle exhibitors – Ruth Tomlinson

More Dazzle exhibitors


Along with some of the new talent I have mentioned at Dazzle exhibition where I am currently showing, here are some other designers whose work I particularly like

Daphne Krinos is inspired by structure that surrounds her and like me works from experimenting with materials rather than detailed drawings. She inspired from the cuts of stones or markings and finishes of which some can clearly be drawn from her Greek heritage. I have a green citrine one!

Nina Bukvic hand crafts some beautiful delicate pieces mainly using oxidised silver and gold. Such delicate work that gives dramatic impact when worn.

Mizuho Koizumi combines man made materials with plant life for her beautiful silverware.  She pays homage to a variety of flowers and plants including the rose, magnolia, weeping willow, thistle and lavender.


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