WondeRings: A Celebration of Ruth's Admission to the V&A


WondeRings is a collection of otherworldly rings created to mark Ruth’s entry into the permanent collections of the V&A Museum's jewellery hall, with each unique stone having been personally discovered and collected by Ruth over her 20 year career, during her travels through India and Sri Lanka.

Connections to the past and an understanding of historical culture have always influenced Ruth’s craft. The WondeRings are objects of preciousness, miniature works of art to be treasured and admired. The collection is free and experimental, sculptural and honest, and represents Ruth’s creative purpose: to renew and revitalise natural materials of past eras, celebrating their mystery, intrigue and with a deep connection to nature. 

“Each stone used in the WondeRings collection holds a place in time and history for me. The first faceted stone I acquired in the very early days of my career is the crude green tourmaline used in one of the rings. Our presence in the V&A felt like the right time to let them back into the world on their next adventure with a new keeper. They’re not perfect beauties, but they have a preciousness which I become lost in. They have been hidden for 20 years but now is the time to share.”

The collection has allowed Ruth to express her personal interpretation of allure. Some of the gems had been previously broken in the making process and rather than discard them, Ruth was able to recut them in their new form and set them in such a way as to emulate natural crystal growth. There is a deep connection between Ruth and the WondeRings, a connection that will continue on their journey through time. 

For more information or to set an appointment to see the WondeRings please get in touch

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