Ocean Diamonds, Ruth's ode to the ocean


We're delighted to share with you our newest collection of one-of-a-kind jewels set with diamonds sourced from the ocean. 

Working with Ocean Diamondsone of the world's leading marine diamond specialists, Ruth has created a charming collection of pieces inspired by the stones journey and her eternal connection to the sea and its natural treasures. 

Centuries ago, marine diamonds began their journey to the ocean. They continue to be unearthed from the land and carried along by the powerful flow of rivers until they reach their resting place on the sea bed. 

A team of professional divers responsibly source these exquisite diamonds off the west coast of South Africa. The divers venture less than a kilometre from the shore into calm waters by boat and dive up to 12 metres. They discover and collect the diamonds from the ocean floor, leaving minimal trace on the environment, and use 'collecting' equipment made by local communities. 

"with this collection, I'm delighted to source through Ocean Diamonds as it means we can offer peace of mind when it comes to provenance. This marine collection allows the wearer to always carry a piece of the ocean with them, connecting them with its sense of eternity, endurance and discovery" 

When designing this collection, Ruth knew she wanted to showcase the untamed and beautifully imperfect forms of raw diamonds. These special diamonds are exactly as nature intended emitting a soft, subtle light from within and inspired Ruth's first expressions in fine jewellery when she started developing the Lustre Collection at the beginning of her career. 

Ruth aims to represent the journey of the marine diamonds and the movement of water in the designs. For the first time, Ruth has worked with Mitsuro Hikimi wax, which allowed her to create flowing lines and textures to resemble the waters that carry the diamonds into the ocean. Combining organic textures with intricate barnacles and encrustation details, the jewels are designed to look as if they have been discovered on the sea bed and created entirely by mother nature.  

Available exclusively at our London atelier, contact us to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about the pieces. 

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