During this unsettling time we wanted to help spread a little bit of togetherness and joy. To give something to our loyal followers and give them a chance to spread love through so many incredible nominations, at a time people have needed positivity and gratitude for who they are and what they do.

We were filled with emotion reading all your heart felt comments on our Togetherness Giveaway and it was a hard decision to choose a winner with so many worthy nominees. A huge thank you to everyone who took part, we felt very lucky to be in a position to do this.

We wanted to share some of the very special stories from our winners with you:

Sally and Ami – Celebrate 

Sally nominated her friend Ami, who is working with Covid-19 patients everyday in hospital, providing rehabilitation after intensive care. 

We are reminded of the key workers, pushing tirelessly ahead to overcome this pandemic, whilst also supporting and nurturing their own families. We wanted to celebrate the strength and courage that all key workers have demonstrated, and to show our appreciation of their selfless work.

Sally and Ami are also celebrating 20 years of friendship, and this is a wonderful reminder to take a step back, and to celebrate and cherish the good times spent together with your loved ones. 

“Having something as precious as this will I’m sure, always remind me of how there can be loveliness even in dark times.” 

Tracey and Maggie – Togetherness

Tracey nominated her mother-in-law Maggie, who quietly announced that she had agreed to marry her partner of 35 years, before he contracted the Covid-19 virus and sadly passed away.

This heartbreaking story made us stop and think about the thousands of people who have lost their life during this pandemic, and all of their family and loved ones who are grieving.

“Tony was a larger than life, once in a lifetime sort of man, and is dearly and completely missed by many”

To Maggie – may this band be token of remembrance, and a symbol of your eternal love for each other.

Phil and Zoe – Acknowledge

Phil nominated his fiancée Zoe, who works as a psychologist offering therapy to refugees and asylum seekers. Many of them do not have families and friends here in the UK, and so do not have their support network nearby like many of us do, making life even harder for them in the current crisis. These difficulties are often exacerbated if they cannot speak English, making communicating during the lockdown even harder.

We wanted to pause and acknowledge all of the vulnerable individuals seeking asylum here and trying to navigate what must already be such a difficult and emotionally stressful time in their lives.

As we adapt to isolation in our homes, and familiarise ourselves with the novelty of video calling our friends and family, we must remind ourselves of the emotional isolation these individuals are experiencing and how alien their environment must feel to them.

“The earrings are such a lovely and heartfelt recognition for the extra support that she (and many other people) have been offering refugees and asylum seekers in the UK” 


Jim and Jeanette – Connect 

Jim nominated his wife, Jeanette, who works as a therapist in mental health and also volunteers as a Samaritan. They have been together for over 30 years and throughout their time together, he has always seen her put her work in mental health at the forefront, providing support to the most vulnerable. 

We would like to take the time to thank everyone who is working in a similar profession, and who selflessly puts the wellbeing of others before their own. By continuing to help individuals who struggle with mental health at an already difficult time for all, Jeanette’s work reminds us how important it is to stay connected. 

“The fact that this pendant was entitled ‘Connect’, made it even more special and it will always be a reminder of what has been most important to all of us during this challenging time – the importance of connecting to one another, always. It is the very thing that is at the heart of all that Jeanette does, and who she is” 

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