Our Extraordinary Christmas Gift Guide


Be inspired by our best-selling gifts this Christmas, adding some sparkle to your wish list…

Our Number One

When we asked our team which jewel they’d like to discover under the tree this Christmas, our Encrusted Diamond Cuff beat the competition. A solid, textured gold cuff punctuated with clusters of polished golden granules encasing dazzling white diamonds - the epitome of everyday luxury.


Everyday Diamonds

Imbued with a magical sense of history, our Solitaire Diamond Studs (above) are crafted with individually sourced, antique diamonds, each cut painstakingly by hand.

Our Mixed Diamond Studs (below) are a contemporary, thoughtful take on a classic incorporating contrasting cuts and tones; while our Raw White Diamond Pendant (also below) quietly takes the spotlight, glowing with light from within.


A Christmas Engagement

There’s no denying that there’s a certain romance to the Christmas season, a time for gathering with loved ones and celebrating personal traditions. Our collection of unique engagement rings, each entirely handmade in our London studio, make for an extra special gift that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Our Jewellery

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