Inside Ruth's Treasure Box of Inspiration


We've been sharing snapshots of personal treasures from Ruth's 'Treasure Box' for the last few months via Instagram. We've been asked for more, so here's a peek into some of the found treasures that Ruth's collected over many years and revisited over and over for inspiration in developing her jewellery-making practice. Each object carries a reminder of a time and place in Ruth's life - it's a combination of these memories, the remnants of creations both natural and manmade, and Ruth's re-connection with her original inspiration (where it all started) that inform much of the intricate and beautiful jewellery that she designs. 

Left: Wire forms collected over the years... "Discarded metal made more beautiful and interesting by life and nature. Something that cannot be recreated again."  

Right: Ring forms collected over the years... "To me they're are all wearable rings of some type and inspiration for my collections over the years."

Left: A remnant rescued from a delicate porcelain brooch... "I've kept this as it was inspiration for my work in the early days - I still love the colours and the fading beauty this holds."

Right: Splats of metal from a casting... "I've always been fascinated by how materials work and I like to understand their natural capabilities. I'm also fascinated with using them in an alternative, non-traditional way - for me this creates a greater interest in the finished product."

An unearthed Roman ring... "Who's hand wore this tiny ring? What was the occasion for wearing it? When was it lost? I love the mystery but very human connection that ancient jewels carry. I'm intrigued by the stories behind them, creating room for the imagination to wonder. Also the way time had shaped them."

Left: An incredible crystalline form... "Just take a closer look at the amazing textures and details!"

Right: "Collected on my travels, strolling along beautiful beaches looking for what interest I might discover! I love the thrill of the find, each one completely unique, created and sculpted by Mother Nature."

"One of my favourite shells from my collection, found strolling along a beach when travelling through far away places! I loved the intricacy and fragility of this shell form, and the interesting creatures that had collaborated to make it even more unusual and facinating. Not to mention the COLOURS..."

Left: A collection of raw minerals, each with its own unique form.

Right: Ancient coins from a far off time and place... "How many hands did they pass through? What did they buy? Where were they kept? When were they lost? I love the mystery but very human connection that these coins hold. And the way time has shaped them."

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