An ode to our mums


This week was International Women’s Day and this weekend is Mother’s Day here in the UK, so the Ruth Tomlinson team took a moment to celebrate their mums and share a treasured jewellery-related memory along with a snapshot from years past that have influenced who we are today.

Ruth, Creative Director:


“She wore a Victorian silver t-bar necklace everyday and I always looked at it in detailed fascination - it was so much part of her. It was loved and worn so much the links eventually wore to nothing. That is what I feel the life of a good piece of jewellery should be! My mum is the most wonderful woman I know and the best role model I could have asked for in life, I feel blessed every day. ”


Olivia, Customer Relations Co-ordinator:


“When I was a child, my mum regaled me with stories about the jewellery treasures from Sri Lanka that filled my grandparents’ jewellery box. Although the jewels are no longer part of our family, they sparked my curiosity in jewellery and still exist in my imagination. 

My grandma’s treasures included a large cluster ring and 22ct gold antique drop earrings, both seemingly dripping in beautiful Sri Lankan sapphires. My granddad wore a 22ct gold ring of two narrow bands bordering an elephant hair detail running down the middle of the ring. These fascinated me and really influenced my passion for unique jewellery.”


Kate, Sales & Marketing Manager:

“Growing up in the 80s, I adored my mom’s collection of bold, bright jewellery, especially her big, dangly earrings, and I couldn’t wait for the day I turned 16 when I’d be allowed to get my ears pierced and dangle such beautiful things from my own lobes. I begged and pleaded for her to commit to a sooner date, but she stood firm. 

Come the age of 16 I wasn’t actually that bothered and ended up only getting my lobes pierced in my twenties. Nonetheless, my magpie tendency meant that over the years many of those chunky plastic, beaded and brightly painted wood creations that I fell in love with as a kid, made their way in my own jewellery box and I treasure them all as personal heirlooms that I still wear regularly - definitely not reserved only for 80s dress up parties.” 


Becky, Studio Manager:


“I was brought up in a catholic family, descended from Irish Catholics, so my first memory of my mother’s jewellery was her crucifix which she wore every day and had been passed down to her from her mum.

I was very excited to get my very own at my first holy communion.  

Later in life both my mum and I have stopped wearing them, probably around the same time we stopped attending church, much to father Paddy’s disappointment.

I am no longer religious but I still have my crucifix, which for me is a nostalgic memory of our close community growing up and the Sunday school clubs attended purely for the orange squash and biscuits rather than the bible readings!”


Ciara, Production Co-ordinator:


“My mum is my best friend, and I was her only bridesmaid on my parents’ wedding day -  which was one of the most special days of my life. We spent the whole morning together getting ready, getting our hair curled at the hairdressers and were nearly late! 

She is very low maintenance and doesn’t really wear jewellery, but I have always had a love of jewellery and clothes from a very young age, which she really indulged that day by letting me choose my whole outfit. Everything was heart-shaped or yellow; I had a matching necklace & bracelet, a massive yellow plastic ring with a massive gem that fit me on my thumb that day, but luckily it fits me now and I wear it all the time!”

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