Victorian cut diamonds



Diamonds were very popular gemstones in the jewellery of 19th century England. This was because, under Queen Victoria, the British Empire took control of three of the most prolific diamond mining countries of the era: India, South Africa and Australia.

This larger supply chain of diamonds, coupled with advances in European diamond cutting techniques and a new wealth created by the Industrial Revolution which established a wealthier upper and middle class, contributed to a greater demand and popularity of the gemstones.

These days, the allure for these old miner’s cuts of diamond is strong – their lack of precise symmetry and excessive fire (only achievable through laser cutting techniques) only adds to their charm and sense of history. They tend to have more depth than contemporary cuts which makes for more sizeable diamonds by carat weight.

Ruth’s new diamond designs in the Hoard collection all feature individually sourced antique diamonds from the Victorian and Georgian eras – each enhancing Ruth’s design aesthetic in creating unique items of jewellery with historical references that tell their own tales of romance and mystery of times past.

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