The 'Wonderings' Collection – Ruth Tomlinson

The 'Wonderings' Collection



Wonderings was a one off collection I made for Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects at the Saatchi Gallery, earlier this year.

Inspired by my travels around India, this collection was a great opportunity for me to experiment with new forms and techniques, in response to the amazing colours and structures I experienced in India. I was a to be a bit more playful in my approach, combining both precious and everyday materials to create pieces that both show a mix of cultural influences and question the idea of preciousness and material value.

Wonderings has recieved a great deal of attention. As well as being a favorite with The Designers Guild, a ring from the collection was even chosen as by The Sunday Times’ Katrina Burroughs as one of her 'Christmas Picks' from Cockpit Arts this year.

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