SHOW RCA 2011 – Ruth Tomlinson



Visited the Royal College of Art MA shows at the weekend - saw some wonderful work - my favourite pieces were surprisingly not from the jewellery department -I was enchanted by the work of glassmaker Sarah Wiberley 


and ceramic artist Makiko Nakamura ( For me, their work evoked illustrations for fairytales - I loved the way they subverted traditional object forms with evokative and elaborate decoration.

I was drawn to other vessels in the Communication Art & Design departement - Jo Blaker ( has sculpted pot and vase-like structures from paper bags. They had a beautiful fragility and a lovely crumpled texture. 

Amy Carter’s ( pencil drawings, of buildings hovering on spindly stilts, were based on her imaginings of a failed modernist utopia.  

Another treasure was the Design Products department; Markus Kayser ( has designed a solar powered 3D printer - he was using sand from the Sahara desert to sculpt glass objects. 

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