Recent re-setting commissions


We’ve worked on some really inspiring re-setting projects over the past few months, our clients bringing us their heirloom jewels, all of which carry personal sentiment and family histories. We’ve taken their jewels and re-imagined them into our contemporary designs, each commissioned to resonate with the wearer and their style, yet still bearing the memories of those who treasured them in their past states over the generations. By giving the jewels new homes, we add to their stories and prepare them to carry on their journeys as family heirlooms, treasured still and enjoyed anew.

LEFT: A selection of stones from both his and her family heirloom jewels, re-housed all together in new homes and now representing our client’s engagement ring and wedding band.

RIGHT: Blue and green sapphires, and a rather special diamond belonging to a late mother… turned into a very meaningful engagement ring. We love creating new chapters for our clients to remember their very special and individual family histories.

LEFT: Heirloom sapphires and diamonds, crowned by a deep purple tanzanite, a combination of heirloom family gems and our client’s engagement ring.

RIGHT: A spectacular opal gifted to our client by her late grandfather, re-cut and re-set into a contemporary family heirloom.

LEFT: An impressive white diamond, worn for more than 30 years as an engagement ring, now reworked into a more contemporary design to represent an enduring and dynamic relationship.

RIGHT: A hoard of family diamonds in all shapes and sizes, collected from multiple jewels, and combined into a unique and unexpected pair of rings that fit together perfectly as an engagement and wedding set.

If you’d like us to re-house your heirloom jewels into a contemporary design please get in touch with us at our London studio

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