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As makers of future heirlooms, storytelling becomes an important element of our jewellery. The impression of treasure, of timelessness, and of ancient and modern come together in our designs together illicit a sense of story in the work.

Added to this, once a jewel has found their owner and an attachment is formed, it becomes a part of their personal story, travelling with them through their life and picking up sentimental meaning along the way. Sometimes, though, as a jewel moves through lifetimes and gets passed down through generations, the settings that house them fall out of favour or no longer fit a need. This is when they come to us to be commissioned into a new design that still carries the jewel’s sentimental value but can be enjoyed and worn again in a new context.

Adrian brought us his late mother’s engagement ring, housing an exquisite blue sapphire surrounded by twinkling white diamonds, along with a pair of his late father’s monogrammed heirloom cufflinks. He wanted the jewels reinterpreted into items that he could wear and enjoy, whilst carrying his parent’s memories. The sapphire was re-invented into a more masculine, organic white gold ring to be worn by him as a reminder of a special mum. The cufflinks, combined with the diamonds from the engagement ring, were re-imagined into a new pair of cufflinks representing the story of both parents together.


Clara paid us a visit with a collection of jewels gifted to her by family members on milestone birthdays over the years. They didn’t get much attention and wear as they were not quite to her taste. We brought them together as a new pair of earrings commissioned especially to be worn at her sister’s upcoming wedding, carrying Clara’s own memories and adding to those created on her sister’s big day.


If you’d like to get in touch with us to discuss a re-setting project with jewels that carry a special story, you can find our contact details here

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