Ocean Diamond Treasures


Introducing our latest collection of ethereal, ocean-sourced diamond jewellery - a unique, one-of-a-kind collection of ring stacks set with responsibly sourced Ocean Diamonds handcrafted in London. 


Celebrating Connections to the Sea

Captivated by a spirit of discovery and a deep love of nature, Ruth has designed a series of bridal ring stacks that celebrates the story of Ocean Diamonds. Featuring raw and faceted marine diamonds, coral inspired details and textures the collection brings to life the allure of forgotten underwater worlds. Each ring is a unique one-of-a-kind creation, beautiful in its own right but designed to be worn together; they combine to form a precious set of rings, as if plucked from the ocean floor. 
To give the rings a natural, time-worn appearance, Ruth incorporated a softly weathered finish, evoking the sense that they had been tumbled in the waves and sand for years.

Ocean Diamonds are one of the worlds leading marine diamond specialists. Centuries ago, marine diamonds began their journey from the land to the ocean. Powerful rivers have carried these gems along until they came to rest on the sea bed. Today, a team of professional divers responsibly sources these exquisite diamonds off the west coast of South Africa. 

"We take pride in sourcing our precious materials ethically and responsibly and use 100% recycled gold. Rather than pursuing industry ideals of perfection and flawlessness, we embrace the natural beauty and unique character of gemstones and favor antique diamonds that have been recycled from centuries past. We are delighted to be able to offer unique stones with traceable provenance by working with Ocean Diamonds." 

Available online and exclusively at our London Atelier, contact our team for more details. 

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