LCW 'in conversation with' event: meet our guests


The highlight of our upcoming LCW schedule of events is going to be our panel discussion which will consider the topic of luxury craft in the commercial sphere with particular reference to jewellery. As a craftsperson who walks the fine line between creative designer-maker and commercial businesswoman, Ruth pairs traditional craft with commercial credibility and we look forward to dissecting this subject in more detail. It will be taking place on Saturday 11th May, and we've invited craft and jewellery aficionado, Janice Hosegood, to host the talk. The panel will consist of Ruth; Grant Gibson and Annabel Davidson.

To find out a bit more about our special guests we asked them to answer 3 questions:

Janice Hosegood 

Tell us what you do? I’m Head of Communications at Cockpit Arts and I run my own consultancy working on a variety of projects with Goldsmiths’ Fair, London Creative Network, Goldsmiths’ Review magazine and I'm co-author of ‘Barbara Cartlidge and Electrum Gallery – A Passion for Jewellery’.

Tell us what you love? I love being part of such a large creative community – both at Cockpit and with all my freelance clients. I studied jewellery and metalsmithing at college and although I didn’t continue as a maker, I thoroughly enjoy being part of a support system that enables craftspeople to thrive and grow.

Tell us what craft is? Craft is the synergy of creativity, highly practiced skills and the application of concept into form and object. It embraces centuries old techniques as well as utilising new technology. Maker at one with their chosen material is key.

Grant Gibson 

Tell us what you do? I’m a writer, magazine editor and a podcaster

Tell us what you love? My children, my partner and I’m very fond of Elvis Costello too.

Tell us what craft is? I’m with Richard Sennett essentially: craft is about doing a good job for its own sake.

Annabel Davidson 

Tell us what you do? I write about jewellery for loads of different publications - Vanity Fair, the Telegraph, Robb Report, and Country & Townhouse. 

Tell us what you love? I love meeting jewellers and seeing things I've never seen before. Most of all I love being surprised.

Tell us what craft is? Craft is creating for enjoyment - both the craftsperson's and the buyer's.

Ruth Tomlinson

Tell us what you do? I design and create alternative fine jewellery that is ethereal, surprising, treasurable, and above all wearable.

Tell us what you love? I love exploring, discovering and creating - I have held onto that sense of wonder with the world around me that we all have as children.

Tell us what craft is? Craft is an accumulation of ideas inspired by experiences in life that translate, through particular skills, into creating unique things by hand.

Find more details of our events here and here, and the full LCW programme of events here

(photograph of Janice Hosegood courtesy of Alun Callender, photograph of Ruth courtesy of Albert Palen)

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