Latest press: sapphires are the stone of the moment – Ruth Tomlinson

Latest press: sapphires are the stone of the moment


Sapphires are having a moment, not only because they are this month’s birthstone, but because of their versatility, durability and (relatively) friendly price tag. Read all about it in The Telegraph!

Almost as hard as diamonds and available in an extensive range of colours and hues, we’ve been using sapphires in our alternative engagement rings for quite some time and always recommend them to our more colour-loving clients. 

As summer draws to a close, we though it the perfect time to introduce some new designs that encourage the cheerful, colourful associations with the season to subtly linger. From sugary pastel clusters, to cool pale blues and greens with nautical references, and the classic deep blue with a Ruth Tomlinson twist. Perfect treasures to celebrate September birthdays with, or to just treat yourself or a loved one to.

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