Hera Collection

The Hera collection is an opulent culmination of two of Ruth's strongest inspirations, nature and historical jewels; united and re-imagined into wearable, contemporary artworks.

Rather than the organic, unexpected and granular details in other collections, Hera pieces details are born from the sheer, sharp elemental force and movement that result in the formation of precious gemstones. This is visible in the angular baguette cut diamonds intentionally positioned adjacent and parallel echoing strata of rock.
“I’ve always been fascinated with the inner beauty of stones and crystals, I love the idea and the romance of hidden elements, and the beautiful pattern formations evident in the rocks and minerals, and the pressure-formed seams and fractures created by shifts in the Earth, that become the focus for mining.” Ruth Tomlinson
The historical elements of these pieces are drawn from Ruth's fascination with portraits of the past and the treasures adorned by regal sitters from bygone eras. Each meticulously handcrafted by master craftsmen of the time and rendered skilfully in oils.
"Historical jewels have always intrigued and inspired me, throughout the ages man has been drawn to precious natural treasures and transformed them into decorative wearable jewels. Seeing these personal manmade treasures and talismans on display in historical portraits, each created by unnamed master craftsmen, is incredibly alluring. I love to imagine the stories each jewel has to tell, think about where they could be now. Perhaps they're buried somewhere, lost in time, waiting to be rediscovered." Ruth Tomlinson

The Collection

All of the jewels in the Hera collection spotlight a showstopping sapphire or diamond, selected for its unique and unusual colour, which is then complemented by a lavish arrangement of diamonds in tones of white, grey, champagne and black. The beautiful melee of materials are brought together with Ruth's signature golden granules.

Every individual piece is created as a truly one-of-a-kind artwork to treasure, never to be replicated or recreated.

View the full collection.

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