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Commissioning a ring from the other side of the world


Let’s start the new year with a story about one of our favourite rings from 2018, crafted for a couple of creatives living their dreams in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Last summer, we received an email enquiring about commissioning a special jewel. Here’s the story:

Kiss me she said…

Flash forward three years. Steven and Wendy are enjoying panoramic views of the desert sunset from their veranda with a cocktail, an evening ritual for most of the year.  “I think it’s time I got you a ring”, he said. And so began the process of designing and crafting a one-of-a-kind engagement ring to represent a one-of-a-kind union.

Wendy had been following us on Instagram for many years, and knew right away that her ring could only come from Ruth. “I love her organic design elements and the raw beauty of Ruth’s creations, I wanted my ring to be as special and unique as the love that Steven and I share.”

A Skype date was set for a one-to-one consultation with Olivia from our team to discuss the design options and elements, and share visuals of the jewels to select from. The result was a dazzling asymmetric cluster of sapphires in varying hues of blue, with twinkling grey diamonds, all nestled amongst our signature granules of 18ct white gold in its natural dark grey tone.

After the ring was delivered in July, the couple set a wedding date for autumn 2019. They are planning a trip to London in the spring to design their wedding bands with Ruth in person!

Steven is a photographer and published book author whose work has been displayed internationally. Wendy is retired from the fashion industry and now spends her time as a fibre artist and riding her horse.

If you’d like to commission a unique piece of Ruth Tomlinson jewellery from afar, please contact the studio to set up a Skype session

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