Grayson Perry:Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman Exhibition


I enjoyed seeing the work of Grayson Perry at a new exhibition at the British Museum recently.  He curates his new works alongside objects made by unknown men and women throughout history from the British Museum’s collection.

Grayson Perry - ‘I am drawn to thinking that the unknown craftsman I most love is age’ when looking at tomb figures.

'Wear, damage, dirt, repair, corrosion and decay are a large part of the language of authenticity.  We give things that look old the benefit of the doubt.  Age lends authority to an object.  An aged artefact inveigles it's way into the grand events of history.  My work often borrows the shabby familiar clothes of the antique so as to lend gravitas to what it has to say.  The look of age is also an important component in what we find beautiful.' - Grayson Perry

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