Yayoi Kusama Exhibition at Tate Modern


This is one of the best exhibitions I have been to for a while.  I particularly like her earlier work form the 50’s where she often featured abstracted forms that suggest natural phenomena such as eggs, seeds, trees and flowers pictured on a microscopic or cosmological scale that recalls surrealist imagery.

After leaving Japan, Yayoi produced a collection radically different from her previous work in order to develop her career within the USA.  Here is one example of her Infinity Net paintings.  The incessant quality of this gesture is both obsessive and meditative. They anticipate the serial techniques employed by minimal and conceptual artists, although the insistently handmade quality of these paintings demonstrates Kusama’s technical facility and stamina.

The most wonderful finale to such a prolific life’s work was the Inifinity Mirrored Room which perfectly depicts infinite space with the use of mirrors and light.  The Infinity Mirrored Room - Filled with the Brilliance of Life is the largest such installation Kusama has made to date.


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