Studio W1, Cockpit Arts, Cockpit Yard
Northington Street, London WC1N 2NP

Tel__+44 20 7831 3033

“I am driven by my passion for the magic of minutiae, tiny intricacies, small oddities and the search for preciousness within the world. I always search for beauty within objects; this might be found in the inherent value of a piece, the rarity of the material or in a curiosity of nature.

My inspiration comes from the idea of lifecycles and change in nature, in transience from birth to decay. I am interested in archaeological finds and Pre-Raphaelite imagery, lifecycles, decay and natural changes.

I respond to my immediate environment and am open to spontaneous finds and observations. I use a variety of materials and aim to work them into jewellery of a sensitive and delicate quality. I hope to evoke a sense of wonder around my work which leads people to question the idea of preciousness.”
— Ruth Tomlinson, 2010

Award winning jeweller Ruth Tomlinson launched her first collections ‘Flora’ and ‘Sketch’ in 2001. She has since developed four jewellery collections including critically acclaimed ‘Encrustations’ and ‘Hoard’ following her MA at London’s Royal College of Art in 2005. Her newly launched collection of diamond rings and wedding bands demonstrates Ruth’s commitment to creating exceptional, unique designs and luxuriously wearable rings to be treasured for ever.

For those looking for an exclusive design, Ruth offers a bespoke service and works closely with clients to create something special.

Ruth is a genius at creative design that doesn't do the expected.

— D. Ecton

It is understated and it's handmade with love.

— M. Meaden

Jewellery that makes me feel subtly sophisticated.

— E. Strasburger

It makes me feel wonderful! I love wearing such beautiful and unusual pieces and in the case of my engagement ring, I love knowing that it is unique.

— E. Crawford

I love looking at the piece; I seem to see something new in it every time. It makes me feel different and special.

— C. Brown

Ruth is very flexible! She listens to what her customer wants and she makes her designs to fit around them.

— K. Howley

Ruth crafts beautifully proportioned decorative jewellery that would have been worthy of a mediaeval princess.

— V. Swann